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What Preschoolers Really Need

Posted by homeschoolmentormom on January 30, 2010


            Yesterday I posted two important quotes about the needs of preschoolers.  With all the talk nowadays about early academics and the importance of “socialization”, I think we, as parents, often forget what our children need the most:  Us.  Their parents.

            I love the way the second quote makes it so clear:  “Experts” agree (how often does that happen?) that what children want, and need, is the “affection and unhurried attention of their parents”. 

            The pace of life today seems preclude this.  In reality, it’s a matter of priority. 

            Preschoolers spell love “T-I-M-E”.  “Quality” time is good, but it isn’t enough.  The term “quality time” is often used to ease our (parent’s) guilty feelings.  Parents tell themselves, “I have very little time to spend with my kids, but as long as it is good, quality time, it doesn’t matter.”  Baloney.  It does matter.  Preschoolers need BOTH quality AND quantity time.

           Those of us who are stay at home moms might feel a little smug about this.  After all, we’re with our children all day, everyday, right?  Are we?  I’ve become aware of this issue in my own life lately.  I see that very often, I am with my kids in “body” only.  My mind is somewhere else.  I can’t see the forest for the trees. 

           I’m re-committing to “being there” for my kids.  That’s my challenge to you for you as well:  Be there in body, mind, and spirit.  Re-connect with your kids. 

Here are some important things to do:

-Spend time cuddling in the morning.

-Play games/work on puzzles together.

-Take time for conversations.

-Take the time to look at the things your kids want to show you-the things

  that are important to them—even if they seem silly to you.

-Watch movies together.

 -Eat together, minus the TV. 

 -Attend church together.  (We sit together during church.  Even preschoolers can make it through <at least> the worship part of the service, with a little training.)

© 2010 Susan Lemons all rights reserved. 


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