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Curriculum Planning, 2010-2011 (part one)

Posted by homeschoolmentormom on July 27, 2010

     I can’t get over it…the 2010-2011 school year!  How can that be?!   Anyway, I’ve been working on our curriculum plans for the fall.  Next year will be my daughter’s senior year, and the boys will be in the second and fourth grades.  After this year, I’ll only have two children left to teach!  Unbelievable!

   I’m only going to post detailed plans for my littles.  If you want information about our high school curriculum, visit the “Our Curriculum” tab over the next few days to see what we’ll be using (I’ll post it soon.)

     The resources below are really just the tip of the iceberg for us…we’re going to use a plethora of “real” or “living” books this year!  Because this post is so long, I’m going to split it up into two installments.

Here are my choices for this fall:

Bible:  We are going to concentrate on character traits and learning to please God this year.  I decided to use a combination of resources including Character First (series one),  Pleasing God,  and the Word of God (I haven’t seen these, but the content looks like exactly what we need—we will do them orally).  We will also continue to read Vos’ Bible Story Book, and of course, the Word itself. 

      I have several goals for Bible memory work this year:  1) to continue memorizing Bible verses, including “cementing” the 23rd Psalm and our other previous work (goal: memorize at least 10 more verses and one longer section); 2) finish memorizing the Lord’s Prayer; 3) memorize the books of the Bible, and 4) begin sword drills.

Language arts:  My main goals for this year for both boys are to 1) wrap up all phonics (if possible; my second grader might need a little more time), 2) help the boys become fluent, expressive and confident readers; 3) help them continue to develop neat handwriting and handwriting speed; 4) do longer copywork, and 5) work on narration skills (oral composition) and composition.  For curriculum we will use:

~Phonics, spelling & handwriting: Sing, Spell, Read and Write (I will post about how I use this in a later post) and Explode the Code 

~Other language arts: Daily Grams (done orally–this is a good compromise between heavy duty grammar and delayed former grammar–for more on this issue, read THIS article);  portions of Queen’s Language Arts

 Math:  Our goals for math this year will focus on mastering the math facts (addition and subraction for my 2nd grader, multiplication for my 4th grader.)  I hope to add some fun computer games/card games etc to make this more fun.  The curriculums we will be using are:

Teaching Textbooks  (oldest)

Rod and Staff (youngest.)  Note: We add our own manipulatives, as needed.

     I’ll post our curriculum for unit studies (history, geography, and science), art, and music in my next post.

 © 2010 Susan Lemons all rights reserved.


4 Responses to “Curriculum Planning, 2010-2011 (part one)”

  1. Nikki said

    Thanks for sharing, it was interesting to look at the resources you’ve chosen. I love your Bible choices! Let us know how they go during the year. I’ve looked at Rod and Staff before-does your son like their simple layout with little colour (does it keep him interested?) You said you will not add manipulatives. I take it you meant you will 🙂
    Thanks again, I’m looking forward to the next post.

    • Yes, we do add manipulatives. I’ll check the post to see if that wasn’t clear.
      The lack of color in Rod and Staff has never been an issue for us. I know that some families prefer no color as it is less distracting; other kids seem to need it. What we like about Rod and Staff is the fact that they go a little more slowly, and they proceed in a very logical order. They are mastery-based NOT spiral (only the review is spiral, which is great.) We’ve never had any problems with keeping our kids interested in it–perhaps the colorful manipulatives are enough.

  2. Silvia said

    It looks very simple and effective, I like your goals, very appropriate for their ages, and not a long unrealistic list. Your curriculum looks frugal too. Good inspiration, as usual, and yes, TIME PASSES BY SOOOO FAST, I can´t believe it!

  3. Jessica in Europe said

    I would love to hear how you use the Queen’s Language Arts.

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