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  • A Balanced Approach:

    Homepreschool and Beyond will give parents the knowledge they need to find “balance” for their family. Find out what young children need to know—and how to teach it. Gain the confidence you need to relax and enjoy those precious preschool years—and beyond.

    “Susan Lemons gives you the blueprint…”

    • 26 Chapters
    • Covers all areas of development
    • Covers all areas of curriculum
    • For a ages 2-8
    • Developmentally appropriate
    • Literature based
    • Spiritual and character building emphasis

What is “Homepreschool”?!

Preschool at home, or “homepreschool”, is just a word that describes what parents have been doing for generations:  Helping their preschool-aged children learn at home.

Parents needn’t worry that they are not “qualified” to teach their own preschoolers at home.  After all, it is God’s design that children be loved and raised by families, not institutions. Within a family, children grow strong, secure emotional attachments, which are vital to healthy personality development.  Within a family, children are able to grow close relationships with people of all ages, including their own siblings.  Within a family, children receive individualized attention, and children’s speech and vocabulary is enhanced by 50-100 times more individualized responses than they would receive in an institutional preschool.[1]  Within a family, children’s character is molded, and their hearts are gently drawn to God.

More and more parents are choosing to homepreschool their children nowadays.  They choose to homepreschool for many of the same reasons families choose to homeschool:

*To avoid the bad behaviors children “catch” from each other within institutional settings

*To protect their children from communicable diseases

*To avoid pushing their young children from the security of the “home nest” prematurely, realizing that parent/child attachments are diluted when children attend  institutional schools[2]

*Because they want to raise their own children, maintaining their role as primary caregivers to the   children they love

*To protect the innocence and joy of an old-fashioned childhood

*Because their children are too developmentally delayed or too developmentally advanced to benefit from traditional schooling

*Because they think they might want to homeschool, but they want to “try it out” first

*Because they enjoy their children’s company, and want to continue doing so

*Because they know they can do a better job for less money than any “preschool”  or government school could

For spiritual or religious reasons!

            Millions of parents today are committed to homeschooling their children because they believe the Lord has called them to do so.  They believe that home education is God’s will for their family.  They are deeply concerned about the spiritual education and training of their children, and wish to protect their children from influences that would undermine their efforts.

They teach with eternity in mind.

 It’s true that no family is perfect, but no school can love your child as you can. No teacher can possibly understand your child’s needs better than you can, and no one is more motivated to help your child succeed than you are.

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[1] Home Grown Kids, by Raymond and Dorothy Moore

[2] Ibid.

Excerpts from Homepreschool and Beyond:  A Comprehensive Guide to Early Home Education, used with permission.  All rights reserved.

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