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    Homepreschool and Beyond will give parents the knowledge they need to find “balance” for their family. Find out what young children need to know—and how to teach it. Gain the confidence you need to relax and enjoy those precious preschool years—and beyond.

    “Susan Lemons gives you the blueprint…”

    • 26 Chapters
    • Covers all areas of development
    • Covers all areas of curriculum
    • For a ages 2-8
    • Developmentally appropriate
    • Literature based
    • Spiritual and character building emphasis

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Goals of Spiritual Development

         Note:  This originally was a blog post.  I don’t feel it’s been getting the attention it deserves, and that is why I’m making it  a “page” instead. 

          The wording in this version is close (if not identical) to the version in my book—but remember, this is only a small portion of the chapter–there is much more in the book.  After each section of goals, there is a section in my book titled, “How We Do This.”  That is where I share ideas that will help you accomplish the goals listed. 


          The most important part of any successful homeschool is relationship. As Christians, helping our children develop a personal relationship with God is our most important goal.   This should be reflected in the time we spend together reading Bible stories, memorizing the word, training character, and praying. We should remember “to make the main thing the main thing”, and take the time necessary to teach and train our children in these matters. Following is a list of spiritual/character goals appropriate for young children:

General Goals of Spiritual Development

 * Note:  Some children may not attain this goal until age 5+

 ~To lead your child to trust God, and accept Jesus as Savior*

 ~To help your child want to please God

 ~To begin to develop a personal prayer life

 ~To know that learning about God is important

 ~To help your child become sensitive to his/her conscious

 ~To become aware of God’s presence and care for us

 ~To develop a love for God’s Word

 ~To participate in and enjoy worship

 ~To help children become self-controlled during worship (sit still and quietly; bow head during prayer, etc)

 ~To become familiar with Bible stories

 ~To begin to memorize simple scriptures

                                                           First Verses To Memorize Proverbs 15:1;   John 3:16;   Psalms 119:105;   Matt. 5:9;  Psalms 34:13;   James 1:19-20

               Eph. 6:2-3;   Phil. 2:14;   Romans 12:21;  Psalms 56:3-4;   Proverbs 20:11

~To listen to stories about manners, morals and appropriate heroes; to talk with adults who explain their values, faith and beliefs

 ~To see that all of life is centered around living for God

 Biblical Concepts To Learn:

 ~God made all things

 ~God made me, and has a plan for my life

 ~God loves me

 ~Jesus is God’s son, the Holy Spirit is our helper; together with God the Father they make up the Trinity

 ~Jesus died for my sins; sins are the naughty things we all do

 ~The Bible is God’s Word/book

 ~The Ten Commandments are God’s rules

 ~Prayer is talking to God/God wants us to talk to Him

 ~We can talk to God whenever and wherever we want to

 ~God is omnipotent and omnipresent  (all-powerful, and with us everywhere)

 Goals of Character Development:

 ~To discern between obedience/disobedience, lies/truth, respectfulness/disrespect, and so on

 ~To learn to obey with a cheerful attitude

~To develop habits that will benefit the child and family

 ~To begin to learn respect for property/responsibility for possessions*

 ~To learn about the Golden rule and how to apply it/to become empathetic towards others

 ~To learn to put others above self*

 ~To learn to wait patiently

 ~To develop character traits: Self-control, obedience, attentiveness, initiative, orderliness, respectfulness, courtesy, patience, sharing, thankfulness, creativity, diligence, contentment, tenderheartedness, empathy, honesty, joyfulness, love, forgiveness, kindness, selflessness, responsibility, and consideration*

Note:  For spiritual goals and skills that are vital for older children and adults, read Homepreschool and Beyond.    

This post contains excerpts from the book,Homepreschool and Beyond”; used with permission.  © 2007, 2010 Susan Lemons all rights reserved.


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  1. […] really like Susan Lemons’ book Homepreschool and Beyond. Her blog is also a great resource. This excellent post contains a list of spiritual goals for us to focus on for the preschool […]

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