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  • A Balanced Approach:

    Homepreschool and Beyond will give parents the knowledge they need to find “balance” for their family. Find out what young children need to know—and how to teach it. Gain the confidence you need to relax and enjoy those precious preschool years—and beyond.

    “Susan Lemons gives you the blueprint…”

    • 26 Chapters
    • Covers all areas of development
    • Covers all areas of curriculum
    • For a ages 2-8
    • Developmentally appropriate
    • Literature based
    • Spiritual and character building emphasis

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My Seminars

I am available to speak at homeschooling/Christian women’s conferences throughout the year.  The seminars I currently offer are:

-What Your Preschooler Really Needs (The Four R’s for Preschoolers)

      Do you ever wonder if you are “doing enough” for your preschoolers? Do you feel stressed and confused about your preschooler’s academic needs? Do you ever wonder what your preschoolers really need?

The answer to these questions lies in a simple formula: The Four R’s. The Four R’s give parents the confidence to know that they aren’t overlooking important aspects of their children’s development. They provide a framework for a balanced, whole-child, developmentally appropriate approach to preschool and beyond.

In this seminar, you will learn how to use the 4R’s as the basis of early learning; the best ways to teach preschoolers what they really need to know; how to schedule your child’s day, and how to use picture books to help your children learn.

-Better than Captain Underpants:  Choosing Classic Literature for Preschoolers and Beyond

       Does it matter what we read to our children?  Once our children learn to read, does it matter what they read?  I say it does.  We can do better than Barney or Captain Underpants.  We need to set our sights higher!  When our children are young, we are developing our children’s attitudes and appetites towards books.  We want them to hunger after the best–so only the best, most uplifting and educational books will do.

This seminar will teach you what a “classic” or “living” book is—and what it is not.  Learn to discern the good from the bad, and learn which authors and series to avoid-and which ones to search out.  This seminar comes complete with a list of the most important books for children from preschool through third grade.

– Using a Literature Approach:  Unit Studies For Preschool and Kindergarten

Now that you know how to choose good books for your children, how about using those books as the basis for your children’s early schooling?  Learn how to use books as the basis for simple unit studies.  It’s as easy as choosing your topic, choosing your books, and then brainstorming a few simple activities to embellish them.  This seminar comes complete with suggested topics for preschool and Kindergarten.

Introducing the best:  Art and Music for Preschoolers

       Art and music are considered to be “extra-curricular” by many parents.  But art and music experiences are vital for preschooler’s normal development.  Discover what preschoolers learn through these experiences, and why they are so important.    Learn 3 classic finger plays and 3 simple art experiences your children will enjoy.

 -Preschool or Kindergarten?  The Truth about Kindergarten Readiness

       If you have a child between the ages of four and five, you might be facing a tough decision:  What is best for my child next year–preschool, or Kindergarten?  Most parents base their decision on what their children know.  But there are many other factors to consider.  Find out how to test your child’s maturity, interests, and abilities to help you decide, and get helpful tips to help you make a smooth transition to Kindergarten.

-Choosing and Using Curriculum:  Curriculum Tips for  Kindergarten and Beyond

       Homeschoolers spend hours pouring over curriculum catalogs and learning about the various methods of homeschooling.  Even so, most are still struggling to decide which curriculum will work for their family.  In this seminar, Susan shares her best tips from her 17 years of homeschooling.  Learn what you need to know before you choose curriculum, what you need to do before you choose curriculum, and how to use curriculum to it’s fullest potential—without it “using” you.

For more information/to contact Susan about speaking for your group, leave a comment below.


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