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  • A Balanced Approach:

    Homepreschool and Beyond will give parents the knowledge they need to find “balance” for their family. Find out what young children need to know—and how to teach it. Gain the confidence you need to relax and enjoy those precious preschool years—and beyond.

    “Susan Lemons gives you the blueprint…”

    • 26 Chapters
    • Covers all areas of development
    • Covers all areas of curriculum
    • For a ages 2-8
    • Developmentally appropriate
    • Literature based
    • Spiritual and character building emphasis

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Welcome! Please Start Here

Welcome to Home Preschool and Beyond!  I named my blog after my book, Homepreschool and Beyond: A Comprehensive Guide to Early Home Education.  The purpose of my blog is to share information and support with families who are prayerfully thinking about homepreschooling or homeschooling their children, and those who are already doing so.  

     I believe a balanced, developmentally appropriate approach is best for all children, no matter what their age.  I emphasize the 4R’s:  Relationships (with God and with family), Routines (a simple daily routine is especially important for preschoolers), Readiness (making sure children are developmentally prepared for what we expect of them), and Reading aloud.  Additionally, I emphasize the importance of play, art, music, nature, and hands-on and real life experiences in the lives of all children.

     If you are new to my blog, I suggest you start by exploring the tabs in order~~ beginning with “What is Homepreschool?” and then the “4R’s”.   If you are researching a specific topic, check to see if it is listed in my archives (left sidebar.)   If you are still in the process of making the decision, start with my post, Making the Decision to Homeschool/Homepreschool and then move on to the tab, “Important Links”, which includes links to articles about making the decision, readiness, and much more.  If you’ve made the decision but don’t know where to begin, start with my post, “How To Start Homeschooling in 10 Simple Steps,” OR “How to Start Homepreschooling in 10 Simple Steps.”

     Live the 4R’s, and make the main thing the main thing!



8 Responses to “Welcome! Please Start Here”

  1. Raj Cheshire said

    Hi Susan, I can’t begin to express how helpful and encouraging your blogs have been. Thank you so much for taking the time to keep posting. Us newer homeschool moms appreciate it! 🙂

    • Aww…I’m happy to help! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  2. Iris said

    Hi Susan,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience and information on this blog.


  3. Cristina Dorestant said

    What a wonderful resource you have built here! Just what a new homeschooling mother like me needs. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

  4. Chris said

    i am so glad to have found your website… i am located in the Philippines and was wondering if your book is available here. i would love to read it.

    • Chris,
      I don’t think it is available there yet. However, it will soon be coming on as an e-book. That would be a great way for you to be able to read it. The nice thing is, all my links will be inbedded in the text, so it will save you lots of time if you want to do further research.

  5. Lou Hunley said

    I work for the Greenville County Library System in Greenville, South Carolina. We are going to be publishing a special section for our website on homeschooling. Your books is featured as one of our resources. I would like to get permission to link to your website as well. I am using a quote that begins with “There is no rule that says you have to use textbooks…” This quote is continued with a link to your website.
    I need your premission to use this link on our website.
    Lou Hunley

    • Lou,
      Of course! I’d appreciate it, in fact. I’m glad to know my book has made it into the library system!

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