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Christian Families and Halloween: Do They Mix?

Posted by homeschoolmentormom on October 24, 2014

Halloween is usually associated with “innocent fun.” I celebrated Halloween as a kid…who didn’t? We went around the neighborhood with a mixture of excitement and fear. My dad and brothers were really into it. One year, my dad rigged up a crane of sorts that could be controlled from the inside of the house. When children approached the door, they used it to drop down a scary looking dummy right in front of them. Another year, our church (yes, our church) put on an adult Halloween party. My brothers helped decorate a barn for the occasion. They somehow got a coffin in the center of the barn with a scary looking dummy inside. They rigged it up so that the coffin opened and closed, and if you touched it, you got a mild electric shock.

Innocent fun, right? Anything but. If you are brave and willing to have your way of thinking challenged, read on…

Now that I’m an adult, I hate Halloween. We don’t celebrate it, my children don’t dress up, and they don’t “trick or treat.” We don’t even answer the door. I refuse to celebrate a “holiday” that glorifies witches, demons, Satan, and evil.

Many parents tell their children that these things are just “pretend.” Really? I don’t know about you, but I can’t tell my children that witches and demons aren’t real. And ghosts? I believe that what most people think of as “ghosts” are really demons.

I wonder about the spiritual repercussions of Halloween as well…especially in regards to preschool-aged children. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want our young, impressionable children thinking about monsters, witches, and demons. I hope you understand how terrifying they are to preschoolers…especially since we honestly can’t tell them that they are pretend. What might that lead to? Bad thoughts? (Certainly.) Lack of faith in the protection and power of God? Bad dreams? Spiritual oppression? Interest in the occult?! Maybe. Can we risk that?!

Other things I hate about Halloween: I hate that I can’t even go out to eat or to the grocery store without exposing my children to scary things that glorify the devil. In fact, I avoid taking the kids shopping or even out to dinner this time of year.

I hate the feeling of spiritual oppression that comes over me this time of year.

I hate that Halloween is imposed on me (I don’t knock on my neighbor’s doors on Christmas and demand a present upon risk of playing a trick on them.) I also hate what Halloween teaches children: That it’s OK to knock on the doors of strangers and take candy from them; that scary, evil things are real, acceptable, and fun. But most of all, I hate Halloween’s roots and what it represents spiritually.

In my opinion, Halloween is not a Christian holiday and should not be celebrated by Christians. I believe that as Christians, we should teach our children that evil is evil, and it is to be avoided. Not only are we to avoid evil, but even the appearance of evil. Part of our responsibility as parents is protecting our children’s innocence and their thoughts, as well as teaching them to control and protect their own thoughts as well.

Below are some links that better explain what the Bible has to say about such things, how the “holiday” got started, and what Halloween really celebrates. The last two links will take you to You Tube videos, where a former witch shares why Halloween is not for Christians. I hope you will prayerfully consider the information, and pray about your family’s decision to celebrate Halloween—or not.

Should Christian’s Celebrate Halloween?

The Truth About Halloween (article)

The Truth about Halloween—video by a former witch, part 1

Part 2

Can You Christianize Halloween?



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